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A Product of Bluewater Trading Solutions, Inside Edge Trader supports any trading style from day trading to advanced volume analysis and programmable futures trading strategies.


Platform Pricing:

$59 per month Standard Version, plus 20 cents per trade



  • -Trade directly from charts (single click)
  • Inside Edge Chart
  • -Trade on different DOM (Depth of Market) screens – Simple DOM, Scalping DOM, Multi DOM / Quote
  • -Real time tick-by-tick charting for both live trading, simulation and replay
  • Extensive library of built in technical analysis indicators
  • -Up to six years of tick-by-tick history for most major markets
  • -Account Manager for managing multiple accounts with performance statics metrics


  • -Order Manager to view and manage open orders
  • -Multiple Order Target order management for the intermediate trader that requires more flexibility
  • -Advanced Order Strategies that provides an easy interface to build advanced combinations of intelligent orders such as bracket orders, trailing stops, indicator trailing stops, average price and net position tracking
  • Inside Edge DOM-Historical tick-by-tick replay for practicing and evaluating trade setups, order strategies and trade strategies
  • -Advanced lot size management to get most favorable order positioning in the Exchange order matching queue